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Age Calculator

Age Calculator is one of the most valuable things people use during occasions like Birthdays, Anniversaries and other events to know the Age of that event. 

Most people find it challenging to find the Age in Years, Months and days. In that situation, an Age calculator can be the best option for them to calculate and give quick answers. 

With a Mobile phone in your hand and just a few inputs, you will find the exact number. 

Here is the complete guide on how 

You can use Age Calculator, and how Age calculator can help you on different occasions. 

How the Age Calculator of FreetoolsExperts Works

Here you can see there are Six Sections in front of you. We will Explain all of them so you will feel easy to use them. 


The first step is to enter the Year. You see the year section, where you will enter the Year from the date you want to calculate. Let you have a birthday on 12 August 2000, and you want to calculate your Age, then you will enter the year 2000 in the first section. 


In the second section, you will enter the month when you were born. We will take the above example: if you have a birthday on 12 August 2000, you will click on the section and Select August as your Birthday month.


In the Third box of the first column, you will enter your birth date. As in the above example, you will join 12 on the third box. 

Now your First Step is completed. Congratulations, you have updated your Age. We can successfully move to the next step now. 


Now Our Next section is to select the date until you want to calculate your Age. Suppose you passed your college on 4 December 2021 and want to figure out what Age you were when you passed your college. Then, in the next section, you will select the date you passed your Age. As Shown in the Picture.


Now Click on Caculate Age and wait for the magic. Boom, it was your Age when you passed college. Now you can calculate your Age at any time. Now I will dare you to calculate your mother's Age when she gets married and leave a comment. We will be very excited to answer you with a beautiful gift.  

When I Can Use Age Calculator

Here are some of the common reasons why you need an age calculator. 

1- When you are Asked For your Exact Age

When you go to the airport or hospital, you are always asked for your Age. You need an age calculator to answer them correctly. So for that purpose, you must have an age calculator for your daily use. 

2- Birthday And Anniversary

 You can also use an age calculator when calculating your birthday on your birthday. You can also use the exact years of your marriage. In that way, your Husband or Wife gets happy when they get to know you know the years of their marriage.

3- Office Tasks

You can also use an age calculator to calculate the deadline your boss will give you. If you are in a meeting and your boss gives you a date when you will submit your target, then you can use an age calculator to calculate how much time you have. 

4- Research and Records

You can use an age calculator to calculate the ages of different things in your research paper. You can measure other things, ages and records to calculate days. 

Benefits of Having an Online Age Calculator

The calculation is a challenge. Only some people have time to sit and calculate ages in years, months and days. So people use online Age calculators. Here are some of the benefits of the Age calculator that you should know. 

Easy To use and Quick

The age calculator is easy to calculate. You must put a year, month and date to figure it out. And in less than a second, you get the answer. Was it helpful in that era? 

Free To use

You don't need to pay anything to use this calculator. Here are some of the tools that demand pricing to give you access. But our Age calculator is 100% free, and you can use it anytime and anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions coming to your mind because many people ask these questions. 

Is that Age calculator an Accurate Age?

Yes, Our Age calculator will give you a 100% accurate age that you can use in your documents, Important notes and papers. 

Can I Calculate My Friend's Age with an Age Calculator?

Yes, You can calculate your Freind Age with our free age calculator. It will make you excited and happy to know how much your friend is. 

Do I Need to Put Any Other Information to Know My Age?

No, you don't need to put any other information in the age calculator. If a website demands additional information to calculate your Age, we recommend that you not use that website again.

Is My Personal Information Safe When Using an Age Calculator?

Your personal information is 100% safe and will not be shared with anyone using our Free online Age calculator. You can use it for free and feel safe. 

Is there any Age limit When using Age Calculator?

No, there is no age limit when using Our age calculator. You can calculate any age between 1940 to until date. Is not that exciting?