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Power Converters: An Essential Tool for Travel and Equipment Use

In this world, there are more than 180 countries. Not all of them, but different areas of the world use different units. They use different units to connect electronics and appliances from one region to the electric system in other rooms. 

But when a new person moves to that place, it becomes hard for him to communicate in that unit. He did not estimate the price.

 In that case, he needs a Power converter. We have built a very significant and easy-to-use tool for you that will help you to come out of that problem, and you will no longer face any difficulty in converting units in other parts of the world. 

In that guide, we will discuss four essential things. First, What is a Power Convertor Tool, and why should you have one daily? Second, What are situations where you will need a power converter tool? Third, How Can You Use Our Free Power Converting Tool? And in the last section, we will answer your Questions. 

What is Power Convertor and Why You Should Have One

A power converter is a tool that will help you to convert different units easily. It allows you to convert from one branch to another. Most of the time, power converter tools are used when you move from one country to another and don’t know the exact unit figures. In that way, you get help from a Power converting tool. 

I will give you an example that forces me to use a Power converting tool. Once I got a chance to visit another country. When I was in that country, I got electricity from my friend. I saw there were different units mentioned. 

I decided to find that unit and found a Power converting tool at that time. It helped me a lot, and it was easy to use. Then we decided to build a tool that would have more unit conversion and be more accessible to our audience. 

If you are also struggling with that situation, you must try the Power converting tool once. 

We have added 20 different units that you can easily convert. 

When You Will Need a Power Converter Tool

We all know that when we travel from one place to another, we face some problems. Power conversion is also one of the problems that people face while traveling because they have to deal with different units on an international level. 

Here are some of the situations when Power converter tools can help you. 

1- When traveling from the United States or Canada to Europe, Asia, Australia, or African Countries, you need a Power converting tool.

2- When traveling from Europe, Asia, Australia, or Africa to the United States or Canada, you will need a Power converting tool. 

The reason is that there are different power-converting units in the United States or Canada that we can’t use in other areas of the world. And we can’t use Other site's Power converting tools in the United States and Canada. 

How to Use the Power Convertor Tool of FreeToolsExperts

As a user, you can see there are two sections. The first one will be used for the Unit value you know already, and you will select the unit in the first section. 



In the second step you will put the number of units that you already have and want to convert. 


In the third step you will go to the second section and select the unit that you want to convert in. 

After Clicking on this section you will see the answer and you convert the unit number. 


I hope this guide helps you a lot. If you have more questions about how to use this tool then you can let us know by contacting us. 



Frequently Asked Questions. 

What Does BTU (SI)/hour Stand For?

BTU Stands for British Thermal Unit. The British thermal Unit is the Unit to measure how much heat your air condition can be removed per hour. We all know that when air conditioning runs, it releases cold air, but the reality is that air conditioning forces heat to move outside the room. 

How many Calories (thermo)/minute are there in one BTU (SI)/hour?

There are about 4.2 Calories (thermo)/minute in One BTU (SI) Hour. 

Can I Use a Power Converter Tool For Free?

Yes, You can use the Power converter tool for free on Freetoolsexperts. But some websites may charge, but on Freetoolsexperts, you can convert 20 Units for free. 

And you will get 100% accurate results on freetoolsexperts. 

Is Freetoolsexperts Power Convertor Tool Accurate?

Yes, the Freetoolsexperts power converter tool gives you 100% accurate answers, but you must use it correctly before calculating. 

Can I Use a Power converting tool on my mobile device?

Yes, You can use a power converting tool for free on your mobile device. And one more thing on mobile it will be easier for you to use it on mobile. 

Can I Use the Power Converting Tool offline?

No, You can’t use the power converting tool offline, but some applications on the play store allow you to use the power converting tool for free. 

Is there any Restriction to use Power Converting tools?

No, there is no restriction in using power converting tools. But there are some units that ask you to charge them for tools. So you should avoid paying them because there are free tools available. 


What is the List of Power Converting Units Available in FreetoolsExperts?

  • BTU (SI)/hour BTU (thermo)/hour BTU (thermo)/minute
  • BTU (thermo)/second
  • Calorie (thermo)/minute
  • Calorie (thermo)/second
  • Erg/second
  • Foot-pound force/hour
  • Foot-pound force/minute
  • Foot-pound force/second
  • Horsepower (UK)
  • Horsepower (boiler)
  • Horsepower (electric)
  • Horsepower (metric)
  • Horsepower(550 ft lbf/s)
  • Kilocalorie (thermo)/min
  • Kilocalorie (thermo)/sec
  • Kilowatt (kW)
  • Megawatt (MW)
  • Milliwatt (mW)